National Network STD/HIV Training Resources

Includes resources on clinical practice references, opportunities in continuing education, and teaching tools.
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CDC National Prevention Information Network

A referral and reference service for information on infectious diseases including STDs and HIV/AIDs.
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Division of STD Prevention Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Division of STD Prevention’s Strategic Plan for accomplishing  the seven strategic goals around preventing STI-related adverse health outcomes, reducing STD health disparities and strengthening STD prevention infrastructure.
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2010 STD Treatment Guidelines

CDC guidelines for the prevention, screening, and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
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Healthcare Changes and STDs: When the Money Goes, Will the Services Stay?

A series of presentations that discuss the imminent changes in public health STD funding and implications for programs. – CDC 2012 National STD Prevention Conference, 2012
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The NIATx Third-Party Billing Guide: Second Edition

The guide intends to help agencies make the transition to billing for their services. It provides step-by-step help for agencies with no third-party billing capacity. For agencies that have some or even extensive experience with billing, the guide gives suggestions for improving collections and strengthening the business practices that are essential to stability and growth. – NIATx, 2011
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