Association of Public Health Laboratories

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) works to strengthen laboratories serving the public’s health in the U.S. and globally.
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Description of Chlamydia Test Technologies

A list from the National Chlamydia Laboratory Coordinator detailing available technologies for chlamydia screenings.
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National Chlamydia Laboratory Committee

The National Chlamydia Laboratory Committee (NCLC) provides a forum for the laboratory subcommittees of the 10 Regional Infertility Advisory Groups to discuss issues and concerns regarding Chlamydia screening tests.
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National Chlamydia Coalition

Website for the National Chlamydia Coalition which promotes equal access to comprehensive and quality health services.
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National Network STD/HIV Training Resources

Includes resources on clinical practice references, opportunities in continuing education, and teaching tools.
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CDC National Prevention Information Network

A referral and reference service for information on infectious diseases including STDs and HIV/AIDs.
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Healthcare Changes and STDs: When the Money Goes, Will the Services Stay?

A series of presentations that discuss the imminent changes in public health STD funding and implications for programs. – CDC 2012 National STD Prevention Conference, 2012
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