Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Prevalence Monitoring: Using Local Data to Guide Programmatic Decision-Making

The toolkit introduces key indicators for assessing screening efforts, explains how these indicators may be calculated and used, and provides examples of each indicator. The toolkit also includes interactive Excel-based worksheets to generate annotated charts and data reports.
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Third-Party Billing for Public Health STD Services: A Summary of Coordinated Needs Assessment Results

In 2013, the STD RH TTACs conducted three coordinated billing needs assessments for STD-certified 340B clinics, Project Area/State STD Programs, and State Public Health Labs. This is the full report of the findings.
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Third-Party Billing for Public Health STD Services

Presentation on results from a nationally coordinated needs assessment of STD-certified 340B clinics, project area STD prevention programs, and state public health labs, around billing capacity and training needs. – Region I STD TAC, 2014.
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Third Party Billing for Public Health STD Services: An Executive Summary of Coordinated Needs Assessment Results

In 2013, the STD RH TTACs conducted three coordinated billing needs assessments for STD-certified 340B clinics, Project Area/State STD Programs, and State Public Health Labs. This an executive summary of the findings from the third-party billing for public health STD services report.
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Federal Assistance for Adopting EHRs

Brochure describing the federal assistance program for adopting EHR which provides up to $63,750 over five years for implementing or upgrading EHR; describes who is eligible and how to register.
View resource> A Guide to Implementing EHRs

Simple interactive tool kit that provides six steps to implement an EHR.
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Washington State Immunization Billing Resource Guide

Billing guide developed for Immunization but applicable beyond that scope for entities in the early stages of billing health insurance, especially private plans.
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NACCHO Toolbox

Searchable, free, online collection of local public health tools produced by members of the public health community on billing issues.
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National Coalition of STD Directors: Shifting to Third-Party Billing Practices for Public Health STD Services Case Studies

Overview of the policy and funding landscape impacting the decision-making around billing third-party payers for STD services, obstacles, case studies, and tools from the National Coalition of STD Directors.
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Back to Center Stage: ACA Decision Gives New Significance to Medicaid Family Planning Expansions

Discussion of the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on Medicaid Family Planning expansion populations.
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Implementing the Affordable Care Act: Enrollment Strategies and the U.S. Family Planning Effort

Policy paper examining the role family planning providers could potentially play in facilitating health insurance enrollment made possible by the Affordable Care Act.
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2011 United States Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance

Annual STD surveillance report which include national prevalence rates and other trend data.
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The Role of Family Planning Centers as Gateways to Health Coverage and Care, Guttmacher Institute 2011

An analysis of the role Family Planning Centers play in facilitating access to health care services and coverage for their clients.
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Healthy People 2020: Sexually Transmitted Disease

Healthy People 2020 topic page on STDs which include an overview, STD-related objectives and intervention resources.
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Editorial: Disparities in HIV and STDs: African Americans, Lancet 2008

An analysis of factors contributing to higher rates of STDs and HIV infections among African Americans.
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Presenting on Sexually Transmitted Disease Racial Health Disparities: A Resource Guide for Facilitators, CA DPH 2008

A resource guide for public health professionals on discussing and presenting data around societal factor and STD rates.
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A Public Health Approach for Advancing Sexual Health in the United States: Rationale and Options for Implementation, CDC 2010

A meeting report on a CDC event involving subject matter experts on creating a public health approach to address sexual health.
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EPT Tool Kit-CDC

Resources from CDC on practicing Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT).
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Selective Testing Criteria for Gonorrhea among Young Women Screened for Chlamydial Infection: Contribution of Race and Geographic Prevalence, Journal of Infectious Disease 2007

A study that examined the use of 3 selective testing criteria based on risk factors, race and local rates of incidence of Gonorrhea.
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Cost-Effectiveness of Screening Strategies for Gonorrhea among Females in Private Sector Care, Obstetrics & Gynecology 2006

The researchers in the article examined 6 screening strategies to identify the most cost-effective when screening for Gonorrhea.
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National Chlamydia Coalition

Website for the National Chlamydia Coalition which promotes equal access to comprehensive and quality health services.
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CDC National Prevention Information Network

A referral and reference service for information on infectious diseases including STDs and HIV/AIDs.
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Division of STD Prevention Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Division of STD Prevention’s Strategic Plan for accomplishing  the seven strategic goals around preventing STI-related adverse health outcomes, reducing STD health disparities and strengthening STD prevention infrastructure.
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